Friday, 27 April 2007

A brave move by Mummy. Maybe a couple!

After realising a few days ago when going through my diary with my Mum, shes away when its Tosh's cousins wedding in July and Billy is not invited (my choice really he'd not be bothered if he went and i could have a drink. Plus there aren't really any kids going) so panic kicked in! Who could have him?? I asked my step sister and she'd got plans, Grandma H will be at the wedding, so who else would i want to leave my precious boy with?? Well the only other person was my father and my step Mum, but the problem been there is that he's not seen them much of recent and the last few times we've been hes clung to me nearly all the time we have been there. Well i asked anyway and of course the answer was yes, so i now have to visit more. Don't mind at all but its just remembering as i very rarely get a minute........ The thing is when we do visit he makes me look like a super protective Mum he pulls on my trouser legs to be picked up, wont let me pass him to them and always crawls back to me, i don't think I've done anything to make him like that, he just doesn't like strangers!

I've decided its time to start looking for a new job so I've put my CV together today and got my by bro to have a look at it (good start really as he owns his own recruitment agency, not in my area tho), not in any rush as if i leave before July i have to pay back my return to work bonus. But its time to stop moaning and make the change!

Bought a new beaker today, i know what i wanted and like everything when i decide I'm doing it, i have to that day. Had to go to three different shops to get the one i had in my head, might i add it needed to be blue(no wonder i never get a minute). From tomorrow morning he will be drinking his mornings milk for this Tommee Tippee Super sipper free flow and I'll continue to let him have milk at night from a bottle. And the beaker will NOT be sterilised!
The picture at the top is at Nanny P's ( my step Mum's) and his smaller version of his new beaker is behind him - I know i know i could have just used that but i wanted a big one for milk. Call me odd, strange whatever i don't care!
Oh and he weighed 18lb 9oz today!


Christy said...

I hope Billy likes spending time with grandpa. Thank goodness you have so many people to help you with little Billy.

I guess a beaker and a sippy cup are the same thing? I just moved Porgie up to a bigger cup, with no handles. She still has problems tilting it back far enough, but she'll get the hang of it eventually.

Eva said...

Hey, I am finally catching up! Billy is so adorable. I love all the videos. And I'm so glad you won't continue sterilizing! Such work! You are a very dedicated person to do it so long. Anyway, good luck with the job hunt. I know how that can suck.

aeronwen said...

K has been like that with strangers for about a month now. I'm pretty sure it's just a phase they go through.
They want to be independant but also don't want to be too far away from you.
Someone told me to enjoy it because by the time they get to be teenagers they will be busy with their friends.