Tuesday, 27 February 2007

The end result! Who'd have thought he could spead a small piece so far, he needed jet washing down after!

This evening meal was great, as he's pretty much decided he likes bread or firm products, than veg so I'm having to be creative. Pancakes but not your usual ones! Wholemeal flour, porridge oats, egg, milk and a tsp of baking power, to the consistency of pancake mix, then grated half a courgette, half a carrot, defrosted a block of spinach, finely chopped the head of broccoli and grated some cheese in and then made pancakes! They were excellent just call me Nigella! A good food day! Gonna make them with fruit i think another day.

Yum Chocolate Cheese cake! Mummy knows she shouldnt let me have things like that!

First day back to work and yes it was as bad as i thought!

Not gonna say much on the subject of work as it bores me never mind anyone who's reading! My bit on work - When i left we were the 2nd highest performer in the company and now we are 26th, yes i said 26th! New General Manager and new staff, its a pig sty and auditor dream, glad I'm not responsible for whats been going on as when HO security eventually turn up heads will roll - I know this from my long 8years of working for the company STOP STOP STOP ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH I'm at home now so time to switch off. Final word I've only gone back for return to work bonus which is the equivalent to 3months half pay, got to stay 12months but I'll be having another baby by then (fingers crossed) so take advantage of maternity package again. DONE!

Baby Billy's Day

Had breakfast with Mummy scrambled eggs and crumpet. Drained all bottles today so had 27oz in total, in fact at bedtime Daddy shouted down on monitor to get him some more! Grandma S has been looking after him today, he's apparently been grumpy and wouldn't sit and play wanted entertaining all day- teething Grandma thinks. He's been for a long walk and had plenty of fresh air. Not eaten a huge deal tho with her, only a bit of banana - turned down all the veg she'd cooked him. Daddy gave him tea, pasta I'd prepared and he had whole 3 pieces of pasta - bad day for food. Could it be his teeth?? wouldn't like Grandma s to be right tho!

Sunday, 25 February 2007

Oh & a trip to the farm as Mummy & Daddy let me down yesterday! Not that i was really interested!

A Protein Day!

After thinking he doesn't have enough protein we've been on over load today. Chatsworth tomato and pork sausage ( surprisingly he loved it) did worry about salt content but so what two tiny slices wont do any harm, scrambled eggs, homemade potted meat sandwiches, pear, kiwi and graped - all before evening meal - what a good day he's having and tonight it is free range chicken and veg! ( might i add the potted meat was superb- shame i didn't make more)

From Baby to Little Boy!

4 Days old on this picture - just after arriving home.

6 months and just learned to sit up

7Months - I cant believe how much he's changing, he seems to look different every day! And he gets cheekier every day - we've just learned he's ticklish!

A day out - but such a waste of time!

Breakfast was Raisin Wheat's which didn't go down well, then again new things do take a while to get used to. Daddy's scrambled eggs went down well but with Billy! After his nap off we went to Chatsworth, when we finally got there it was shut!!! If you've been reading my blog you'll see a pattern emerging!! So we went to the farm shop where i exhausted Daddy's wallet and believe me i could have spent a fortune. We called at what looked a lovely pub on way back for lunch, but looks can be very deceiving - the food took ages and it was horrid! What was funny tho we waited that long Billy was getting very inpatient and when the food arrived he was kicking off and screaming only because he wanted it now rather than waiting for it to cool! Tea yet another disaster not sure why but he didn't eat any of it - what a waste of roasted Chatsworth veg. This tea time I've made homemade potted meat because i don't think he's getting enough iron in his diet and I'm very impressed with my self but wait and see what he thinks to it tomorrow hey - Daddy is dying to eat it!

Friday, 23 February 2007

Eating again!!

After eating next to nothing over the last week he's back on form - hurray!

Today he's had approx 22oz of milk, crumpet, raisins, cucumber, apple, pear, a couple of chips and bit of fish (Uncle R had fish and chips) all at Grandma H's and at home hes had homemade pizza, well i bought the ciabatta that the toppings went on! Oh and homemade potatoes wedges. Kinds failing on the not so much bread front but more fruit and veg today so a little better!
A full day at Grandma H's which he always loves as she devotes her entire day to entertaining him, Mummy did exciting stuff like bought new work shoes and cleaned the house. I did appreciate a day off though! Oh and he went to bed no prob in his cot a at Grandma H's for a hour and half - THANK YOU BABY WHISPERER!!
2 Days until work - Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!

Ready Made Products???? Houmous Dips with Salmonella!!

Well my boy is finally better, its been a tough week - thank god its over.

The burning question is... Ready made products should i use them? Billy has been ill which i know to be a bug as everyone around him has had it but it so easily could not have been! I heard on the news one day last week about supermarkets recalling Houmous dips due to salmonella scare, the day he became ill he'd had M&S Organic Houmous on bread. I thought i was doing good buying organic, by looking at the link they all come from the same place. So not only have i put him at risk of salmonella but is it really organic???


Thursday, 22 February 2007

Daddy say Good Bye to your nice clean skirting boards!

Me and Monkey!

Felling better but resting today watching My First DVD - Dingle dangle scare crow his fav. Still very mardy but think he's feeling better as he's started to eat again - not much might i add! AND refused his bedtime bottle.

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

A night at The Theatre! To Mummy the theatre from hell!!!

The show could have been good who knows?? I don't that is for certain! The seats we had were in the Grand Tier which had a great view, shame tho that we were virtually sat at 90 degree angle, it was horrid i couldn't concentrate on anything i was so scared, in fact i was so scared that i didn't eat my sweets and any one who knows me would have thought i was ill! I was sat there that stiff that my back was killing, not much leg room either! What a skank too Peter Kay was in 2 scenes in the first half! The bonus to the night was that we didn't get charged on the trains either ways!!!! Saved £26, what can i spend that on? woman's logic there!! All in all a flop of a night, i will be looking in to what seats are where in future before booking! The Theatre was Palace in Manchester.

Billy still ill, doc's yesterday morning as his diohrrea is still there and is still off food and milk - seems to want food and drinks sometimes and others he refuses it. We waited over a hour to be told that the bug had to run its course, why aren't they concerned? To look at his you can see the weight he's lost! In fact the prat of a doctor started to type eating well, i could see it on the screen so i corrected him! I know you always think its worse when its your own child and Mums do over react sometimes! Grandma Susie looked after him last night while we were out, he just wanted nursing and cuddling - think she thought i was exaggerating about how ill he is. He even cried through is bath, which to him is the best part of his day! (splashing the bathroom) Very unsettled all night, ended up in bed with us for the night - he'd better not get used to that!

Oh and hes generous sharing nature continues - Uncle Rob ill now!!!

Monday, 19 February 2007

loads better today

Another full nights sleep and I'm feeling more tired??!! Yawn yawn!

He's back on food and milk a little bit, no breakfast threw it on floor, some dinner in fact a scrubber unhealthy baby dinner of potato waffles, fish cakes and spaghetti hoops - you should have seen him with the hoops he found the best way to get them was to wear them as ring and suck them off his fingers. Break through came during the afternoon when he ate a 6oz bottle, not tea tho but he did have some bedtime bottle, do think he'd would have had more if he could stay awake!

We went for a walk today at Thrybergh Country Park, we set off thinking that it wasn't far, we turned a corner and there was a extension to the lake you couldn't see from the start so there was extra to walk, after walking the extra bit we came to a fence about 3/4 of the way round and asked the oldies sat on the bench what was happening??? its apparently closed for the winter!!!!!!!!!! So we had to walk back the whole way we came - well p****d off!!!! Closed because during the winter there is a crocodile apparently the old man told me, said I'd be glad to keep my fingers and toes - his wife told him off and corrected him, its for the birds to nest. Bl**dy birds!!!

Saturday, 17 February 2007

The Baby Stander - known by most as a Baby Walker!!!!

Still needs to learn to walk in his new walker! He's loads better but off food, eaten and drunk next to nothing in last few days - wont even eat rice pudding! He's so generous too, he's shared his bug so far with his Daddy, Auntie Sam, Granny and Uncle Damien..... who will be next?? lets hope its not me!!

A week on Monday till Mummy goes back to work!! Yuck!!!

Friday, 16 February 2007

Sharing his bug!

A day of trying to get milk and a little food in him, he'd been quite happy all day so thought he was getting better. Well bedtime arrived and off he went, 20mins later i heard him cough and we had a cot full of sick. Grandma Susie rang to say he'd defiantly got a bug as Auntie Sam was ill and then Daddy started!

Oh and once upon a time Mummy had a sick phobia, she soon learnt to forget that - still don't think I'll be that fussed on sick in confined places like cars and planes!

AND also he may be ill but he's still sleeping through the night! RESULT!!!!!

Thursday, 15 February 2007

Sick again!! Valantines Day!

After a busy morning at Meadowhell, collecting Mummy's new uniform for work we had a Marks and Spencer's lunch - fruit salad, brown bread, humus and strawberries. Off we then went to see Grandma Susie at Auntie Sam's, as she was looking after my cousins.

While there Billy sprayed s**t up his back and threw up all over the floor, good job Auntie Sam has kids of her own (second time he thrown up all over her house) then was sick at home and sprayed s**t all over his bedroom wall and curtains! Lovely - although Daddy found it hilarious! So much for romantic Valentines dinner hey - Daddy had been and bought t-bone steak and massive raw prawns and we ended up ordering curry!
Happy Valentines Day!!!

Poor little lad though, did feel sorry for him! The burning questions is why is he so sick??? Cant find a food association!

Oh and Grandma threw his clothes in the bin and sent me home with his dirty nappy - she got the nappy sacks confused! DOH!!

Monday, 12 February 2007

I've still no teeth and proud, I can nearly stand tho well only with help

No baby group today its half term, so went over road to see his little mate who's 6weeks younger. Well he may be 6weeks younger but he's got a tooth! For months my know it all family both sides have been telling me Billy is teething because he dribbles so much but NOPE he's not. Food today was, toast and jam after oatabix were yucked at and thrown on floor, lunch was tomatoes, fish cakes and rice pud, dinner tuna pasta bake which he ate from the bowl but the bowl became far more interesting than the food, so not loads got eaten. Bought him a walker today, which he can stand with but hasn't yet got the concept that when you let go you fall! I'm sure he'll learn when he's smashed his face open!! (not bad for 7.5months - Mummy's very bias tho) Dummy in as he was tired but i wanted to send Daddy a picture to his phone while he was at work, while we were spending his money as he earned it!
Baby Whisperer back on sky - get in! Discovery home and health at 8am every day.

A whole nights sleep!!!!

Note to readers, I know people are reading the blog but no one ever comments so I've lifted the comment restrictions now to anyone, so please feel free to comment easily now! ( I will delete any inappropriate ones tho)

Yes as the title says a full nights sleep, off he went to be no problem as usual then he stirred at 8 for his dummy so i put his dummy in and this time i turned him on to his tummy as he'd been asleep that way yest morning and we'd had to wake him or he might have still been there at lunch time! Off we went to bed as usual, early but this time not having to give him a 1030 bottle so sleep! I woke at 1230 and jumped went to check on him and he was fine, we both did this a further 3 times during the night, then he stirred again at 5am for his dummy and then again at 530 when he was bought into bed with us where he slept until 720!! I know that doesn't sound amazing but believe me its great for us!!!

Sunday, 11 February 2007

Two meals out in two days!!!

Yesterday (sat) we went to Hanrahans in Sheffield, we had a combo starter and he had corn on the cob off it, i was wondering how he's get on with in but he munched away on it very willing, I had salad for main so he had a taste of avocado, tomato and chicken, had veg for tea as i think I'm getting lazy with trying to get veg into him - prob why he was constipated yest! Today we went out for lunch for Uncles 70Th Birthday, lunch was good but the veg he'd struggle with as it was chopped so small and everything was drowned in gravy, so all he had was Yorkshire pudding but he had loads he even ended up with his own on a plate. His cousins popped round this morning and i forgot how little he was, great tho as his baby cousin is 6months older than Billy so i always see what hes doing now, that Billy with be doing soon. Didn't realise how pale he was tho! Oh and the sweetcorn def went in as it come out the same as it went in! Two weeks tomorrow till Mummy returns to work!

Saturday, 10 February 2007

Such a messy boy!! Look at Mummys floor!!!

He loves the camera that much that when the red light comes on for the flash he instantly looks up and kicks his legs - such a poser!!

I have that mess to tidy up most days - thank god for antibac wipes hey! (Potato cakes on floor after he'd turned his nose up at oatabix, apricots and prunes)

Another night where he refused his 11pm bottle, one more try tonight and then never again. Just wish he'd sleep better, we were woke at 3am, 345am, 415am and then i gave in and put him in bed with us, where he didn't sleep that well either - gonna have to make some sleep decisions and stick to them, hurry up DVD!

He's been a little constipated think it because he knocked off that late bottle, bullet poo's aren't nice for him. I need to get more fruit and veg in his diet but really struggling he turns his nose up at most things or if they are slimy like banana he wont touch them, think he's gonna be very squeamish like his Mummy! Strange he like spinach tho! Oh and added dried prune to his water so hopefuly that will help! (My Mum will love that!) Any suggestions on the fruit and veg thing very welcome!

Friday, 9 February 2007

Not a true baby led weaner!

Well for those of you who don't know what i mean by the title, i mean baby led weaning is not to spoon feed its where the baby feeds them self by picking up the food. I'm not changing my decision on how to feed my boy but I've been giving him nice things on a spoon as he has such a aversion to cutlery i thought i needed to tackle this as i didn't want it to be a long term issue with him. Anyway he'd been having his normal meal where he feeds himself and puddings that i feed him like rice pudding and custard (like feeding a baby bird, with his little mouth open waiting for more) - both really good as they contain a trace of salt and plenty of milk, as he's off milk at the mo. AND last night he didn't have a dream feed (11pm bottle) but granted he was up at 1030pm for a hour been the happiest baby in the world, while Mummy and Daddy were growling at him - well Mummy was! Sleep???? When am i gonna get a nights sleep?? he sleeps about one full night per month! Desperation had called me and I've ordered a DVD off Internet call 'Its time to sleep Baby' a sleep programme - I've read book after book and do not want to leave him crying, so lets hope it helps or it'll be something else on Ebay.

Oh and he can hold his beaker now and drink - god he gets clever and clever every day!!! (the pictures dont show him drinking coz everytime my flash goes he drops it!)

Thursday, 8 February 2007

Toys?? Who needs toys when you've got a basket??!!

A long stay at Grandma Hil's

After waking up feeling like death on Tuesday night my bug kicked in - then i actually thought i was dying! Not helped by Billy been awake most of the night either, i got sent to spare bed so my boys could have the big bed to themselves - so sympathetic! Oh and he did the tiniest bullet poo during night, suspect that was why he was up. Begged my Mum to come a fetch him Wednesday morning, she had him for morning and then took him to Grandma Hil's who suggested he stayed the rest of day and that night(get-in!!!) Daddy did go and put him to bed though so he didn't feel we'd abandoned him. Anyway at GH hes been 'as good a gold' think if he wasn't she'd still tell me he was! She loves feeding him and gives me a full run down on what he's eaten crumpet, dairylea and tomato sandwiches and veg - not much of his bottles tho. Is snowing here so I'd better get my self sorted out and go and fetch him so we can have a photo of him in snow because at this rate he might never see snow if all these TV programmes are right about climate change! (Good start to my diet though, you know the one I've been starting since having Billy!)

Monday, 5 February 2007

Turning in to a Clever Boy

17lb 1oz
So pleased he's finally gaining weight like his little pals at baby group, he's put on 27oz since Christmas! Who needs purees and baby food jars when you can have proper food that makes you grow big and strong! Not far off crawling either, he can assume the position and rock but doesn't go anywhere!! Such a clever boy!

Pancakes with Spinach & Cream Cheese!

Saturday, 3 February 2007

My Yummy Oat Stars

The book is Finger Food for Babies and Toddlers by Jennie Maizels - excellent might i add. Mummy thinks she's now Nigella! He's been off food this week since been sick so to tempt him back he's been having nice things and i thought these were ideal not your normal biscuits, they are made from porridge oats, wholemeal flour, 2 tbsp of golden syrup and unsalted butter. I know they aren't exactly healthy but they could be worse! Plus nice treat not very sweet either. Major hit in my house with all of us!! Stopping at Grandmas tonight so sleeptime for Mummy and Daddy, although last night was strange i woke at 6am and jumped up to realised he'd slept through and without and dummy - not holding hope out that this is gonna be how he sleeps from now onwards but it'd be nice!!!! (Mummy been for a massage in hope it helps her make the most of a night where she can just sleep!!)

Thursday, 1 February 2007

Who'd have thought he'd been sick today!! Playing Charlie Chaplin with a rice pot!

Been visiting new baby Jacob today and he was sick while visiting, in car and sick at home - as usual no reason and he's fine a hour later after a kip. Food record for Mummy - breakfast was crumpet and oatabix, lunch was dairylea sandwiches with lovely lentils spread on, melon and Clementine all of which he's had before and tea was made for him which he didn't have any of!!