Wednesday, 11 July 2007

We have moved!

fed up of my ongoing problems with blogger, cant put titles in etc!

So we can now be found at name not very creative i know!

Still learning how to use it so bear with me!

Thanks Em x

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Very comfortable with his sexuality in the pink car!

Photos taken with my phone hence them been crap!
I was in the shower this morning when i heard Tosh shouting me to get out, not like him so i got out. Billy had s**t and it was everywhere, it had escaped his nappy, on the floor in four different place, on his feet, down his legs, on a psp box and on Daddy! Never have we had s**t in that many place before!
We'd worked like idiots last night to clear the bedroom for the fitters today, at 930am i got a call to say they'd damaged the wardrobes putting them on the lorry to bring and that they'd be here at 1pm, I'd planned a afternoon out with Billy's buddies, so told them in no uncertain terms to be here by 1pm, at 1130am i got to call to say it'd be tomorrow when they got here and started! Poor poor poor! We are sleeping in out spare room on our guest beds that i thought were of reasonable quality but after a night on them, nope they aren't!
New dishwasher arrived today so that softens the annoyance of the bedroom!
We've been to Big Tops today and Billy loved it, i know its something I'm gonna have to get used to and one day it might be Billy but why are children so horrid sometimes??!! This is now the third time we've been to a soft play zone and some child has hit him, nipped him, pulled him or just shouted in his face! I am getting quite skilled at please be careful he's only a baby! What i have noticed more than anything is its the children who's Mum's sit drinking coffee gossiping, that are the one that are normally been horrid! I actually told the little boy who wouldn't leave him alone and kept nipping him and taking toys off him, to go away today and he went back to his Mum crying and she had no idea why, if she'd have been looking at her child rather than a magazine she'd have known! I know i sound really nasty, the child had been winding me up for about half a hour.

Finally you remember that post Mummy is such a plank! well I've found the parking ticket today, under the passenger seat of my car! Funny thing is I've cleaned it two weeks ago, does that not tell you something about my cleaning skills??!!

Saturday, 7 July 2007

This week.....

Its been a busy one!

Finally the tight ba***ds at Vodafone have decided my shop needs shutting a re-fitting, should have done that in the first place after the floods! The walls are safe but the walls that divided us from other stores (fire walls) are that wet they could be spooned out! So Monday morning a decision will be made when we shut - YAY!! All my team members will have to go to other stores to work and they have no chance with me and other managers, i can def find stuff to do (be Joly paid holiday)

We are out this evening, Billy is stopping with Grandma H, he'll no doubt get her up at 5am and she'll let him. I think she sleeps terrible when he stays as she listens for every noise. I am going to get plastered on vodka! Mmmmm

My friend N has had new baby yesterday (what made me think about birth) called Archie, i love little babies, i have popped in on my way home from work. Its strange, he was so tiny and helpless, i feel sometimes i cant remember Billy like that. Dont they grow quick! No more babies from my friends due for a while now, who will be next???

Tosh cousins wedding next week and i have a new dress, the bonus of that is its a UK size 10!!! Not far off been normal again! Dreading the wedding as Billy not coming and my Dad and his wife having him, they have never looked after him before. They are great with kids but i am scared, i know he'll be OK but still gives me butterfly's in my tummy!

Friday, 6 July 2007

My birth plan and what actually happened! Beware its a long one and it could put you off giving birth!

Birth Plan for Emma

Hospital birth

Don’t want to go to Hospital until I have to!

Normal as possible – natural birth

Tosh husband only person to attend, if Tosh is not available my Mum. (Students are welcome)

I will be as mobile as possible so to be encouraged to move around – should have a birthing ball

I want to keep a open mind about drugs so I’m not saying wont have any if recommended but I’d rather have as little as possible, so please don’t offer me them unless completely necessary – I will have a tens machine that I’ve hired. I don’t want to be sick at any point therefore no drugs that are likely to make me throw up. (Anti sickness drugs are welcome if I’m likely to be sick)

No camcorder!

A c-section only if necessary – Obviously an epidural will be needed with that, I don’t like the thought of anything been put in my back it is the biggest fear I have about the entire birth. IF I HAVE TO HAVE AN EPIDURAL I WANT MY BIRTH PARTNER PRESENT – I DO NOT WANT TO BE ON MY OWN!! Tosh is to be present the whole way through c-section. Also no one is to see the baby before my husband and I. (This means any family or friends)

I only want an episiotomy if absolutely necessary – I would rather not be cut and would welcome any help to avoid it.

Providing the baby is fine I’d like to be given it straight away and have skin to skin contact and we’d like to discover the baby’s sex our self’s

Tosh to cut the cord

I want to breast feed the baby ASAP don’t give the baby a bottle unless necessary

I want to be in hospital as little time as possible

And now what actually happen.......

Contractions started at bed time on the Tuesday, the were quite bad to start with, anyway we went to bed. I wasn't in bed long before i was up and in the bath, the baby was back to back so that was possibly the cause of the pain early on. At about midnight we went to hospital to be told that i was only about 2cm and the position of the baby i could be at it for days and to go home, so i sat and cried i didn't want to go home but they sent me anyway! I remember the big fat horrid midwife, looking at me like i was a big woose, and telling me to turn my tens machine up! So we went home and i got back in the bath and then went to bed. I laid there having contractions until my plug went, then i decided i wanted DRUGS and any at this point any would do! So off we went back to the hospital, i remember Tosh driving down our road and me whining at every speed bump, possibly the worst journey of my life! We arrived at the hospital and we had to use the main doors, so it was a long walk again to the labour ward, when we arrived there the big fat midwife was at the nurses station and passed me to another midwife and the snarl on her face said Oh god you again! Anyway they put me in the bottom corner suit the was mile away and I'm sure she said to other midwife she'll be ages!

So in this room, i was given a birthing ball and i begged for pain relief, i had pethidine and anti-sickness drugs, although I'd already been sick loads. And was only 4cm! We were left in this room and checked on about every hour, i was a space cadet, to the point i fell off the birthing ball! I laid on the bed and think i actually went to sleep, then pop something had happened, my waters had gone! I pressed the buzzer, the midwife came and then the panic began! There was macomium in my waters (Billy had done a poo) I didn't realise how important this was, they made me walk from my room into another more equipped room, all the time walking across the corridor dripping shity water on the floor, yes the was a trail where I'd been! In this new room i was demanding i went to the toilet, to the point i had to be dragged on the the bed by Tosh and the midwife. The put the monitor on the check Billy heartbeat and its was bad, only 40bpm and should be about 120-150bpm! Everything from this point was blur, so I'll prob miss bits. The midwife pressed the big red button behind me and within about 10seconds there were about 10 people in the room, i remember Tosh been sat at the side of me tell me it'd be OK. They were putting a drip in my hand and moving my bed at the same time, then i was been pushed down the corridor a rapid speed, there was a bin or something in the way that the bed banged into and i kicked out of the way.

I was on my own at this point, with loads of staff with masks on, someone was wiping iodine on my tummy and the anesthetist was talking to me. I kept asking when they were going to knock me out?? they were prepping me and i was conscious! The bloody anesthetist kept calling me Gemma, well i put him right, been polite i shouted MY NAME IS EMMA!!! They did say the baby's heart rate was rising but he was still in distress. Still asking when i was going to be knocked out they put a mask over my face! I was gone! I am sure i asked if we were going to die! I also was telling the to ring my Mum and spouting the number at them.

I woke up and demanded my Mum be there, to the extent that Tosh had to go out and ring her. Tosh said Emma we've got a boy and i told him that i was having a girl though! The the midwife asked his name and i told her his first name but gave him a middle name we'd never planned! He's still got it now tho! I laid there filthy and in pain, i kept telling the mid wife i was in pain and she took no notice, kept saying they've given you morphine! After complaining for about a hour, she had a look at my dip and its wasn't in right! NO WONDER I WAS IN PAIN!

They layed Billy next to me and i kept saying isn't he great, to everyone, I was amazed!

The events that happened with Tosh while i was in theatre, he was moved to a room to wait for me. Where he was left sat on his own for quite a while, and then they told he you've got a boy and brought him in wrapped in a towel. The person who brought him in told Tosh that they'd only seen him open one eye and weren't sure that there was a eye ball in the other! So Tosh had to sit there holding a new baby on his own in room waiting for his eye to open! Anyway thankfully his eye opened and you there was a eye ball! Tactless bastards (i know swearing is bad) Oh and Billy covered me in poo at the birth and then poo'ed in the towel when Tosh was holding him.

I was eventually cleaned up and moved on to a ward, I had asked for a private room. I complained that much they found me a private room and moved me, they never charged me either which was a bonus! if you lived in the town i do you'd have not wanted to be on a ward full of teenage mothers who have no fixed abode, or just scrubbers and yes i do know i am a snob and picky!

Billy was born on Wednesday morning about 7ish weighting 8lb 8oz, which is pretty massive for me! We had to stay in hospital until the Saturday.

One of the doctors who delivered Billy came to see me a day later, after reading my birth plan, as she was concerned that I'd planned it so much and it had been so different, she did also mention Billy covered everyone on poo in theatre!

Everything turned out fine thankfully and believe it or not that whole performance hasn't put me off having another!

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Tooth number 2, Mummy cooking and eating yogurt!

He still refuses anything from a spoon the majority of the time, he used to once love yogurt but from one of his many sickness episodes he went off them. I thought I'd give him a try with yogurt again, well i got one spoon in and he promptly gagged and heaved. So i gave him the pot and spoon which i don't think he ate any of but he def enjoyed making the mess! (bruise on head is from tiled bathroom floor) And yes he is scowling again, its now his normal facial expression!

He has his second tooth just coming through, felt it this morning and might explain the hunger strike he put him self on, i decided i am crap at the moment with giving hims vegetables etc so i have made him some cheese and broccoli muffins and they are yummy (if he doesn't eat them i will)
And one final note I have lost a 8lbs so far since joining WW but not been for last 2 week, not sure I'm going back now i am getting in the habit of eating better.