Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Mummy is such a plank!

No Billy this morning, he's with Grandma H for the day. I'd got planned a hair cut this morning and work 1-930pm.

Off i went for my hair cut in Sheffield City Centre, parked in the NCP, possibly the most expensive car park in the world. Got my ticket on the way in and went for hair cut, came back with my mop cut, validated my ticket and off i went to the barrier. Upon arriving at the barrier to leave i realised i didn't have my ticket, turned my car up side down and went through pockets. Then decided i must have dropped it as i got in car, so made 2cars behind me reverse up so i could turn round and got back to my space. NO TICKET! So i had to go back down to the barrier and tell the man at customer services what a prat i was loosing my ticket! The BA**ARD charged me again!!!! F*** get! So i am nearly fifty quid lighter for one hair cut!!
My day can only get better, off to work now!


Eva said...

Hope the day did improve. And hope the haircut looks really good!

Christy said...

That sucks! If you pay ahead of time, what do you need the ticket for?

Hannah Banana said...

haha! sounds like me yesterday! i went to the PO to dispatch some orders and then to buy a cardy for my Ascot/Wedding outfit. Went to pay for the cardy and realised i'd left my bank card in the machine at the PO!!!!! der!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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