Thursday, 15 February 2007

Sick again!! Valantines Day!

After a busy morning at Meadowhell, collecting Mummy's new uniform for work we had a Marks and Spencer's lunch - fruit salad, brown bread, humus and strawberries. Off we then went to see Grandma Susie at Auntie Sam's, as she was looking after my cousins.

While there Billy sprayed s**t up his back and threw up all over the floor, good job Auntie Sam has kids of her own (second time he thrown up all over her house) then was sick at home and sprayed s**t all over his bedroom wall and curtains! Lovely - although Daddy found it hilarious! So much for romantic Valentines dinner hey - Daddy had been and bought t-bone steak and massive raw prawns and we ended up ordering curry!
Happy Valentines Day!!!

Poor little lad though, did feel sorry for him! The burning questions is why is he so sick??? Cant find a food association!

Oh and Grandma threw his clothes in the bin and sent me home with his dirty nappy - she got the nappy sacks confused! DOH!!

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