Sunday, 29 April 2007

Such a skilled eater! From the serving bowl!

The new beaker for his milk!

The first morning with his new beaker he drunk nearly it all, the second morning he left nearly it all and i was that concerned that he'd drunk so little that i went and got a bottle and fed him with that and the little monster drunk it all from his bottle. Is it far too early for him, at only 10months for me to have such high expectations of him?? and if he's happy with this bottle should i let him keep it? or should i be strong and stand my ground?? (do feel guilty standing my ground with it tho)

One grumpy Mummy!

I am grumpy, think I'm run down and tired! I have a sore throat that I've had for 5days not any signs of developing into anything nasty but no signs of going either and i have ulcers in my mouth! All i seem to do is work and deal with w**kers, i had a customer put her hand up to my face the other day and tell me i was stupid! I cant believe what i tolerate sometimes, well i didn't really but i wasn't lowering my self to that level! I am pi**ed off we are skint this month, work got my return to work wage wrong and my bonus, so they showed it as been paid this financial year (starts April in UK) so i have been taxed more than a actual months wage, I've gone in to super tax bracket! So i have nearly half the money i am used to having to live off! It will catch up over the year but that doesn't help now! I am struggling to say anything positive today - sorry!

Friday, 27 April 2007

A brave move by Mummy. Maybe a couple!

After realising a few days ago when going through my diary with my Mum, shes away when its Tosh's cousins wedding in July and Billy is not invited (my choice really he'd not be bothered if he went and i could have a drink. Plus there aren't really any kids going) so panic kicked in! Who could have him?? I asked my step sister and she'd got plans, Grandma H will be at the wedding, so who else would i want to leave my precious boy with?? Well the only other person was my father and my step Mum, but the problem been there is that he's not seen them much of recent and the last few times we've been hes clung to me nearly all the time we have been there. Well i asked anyway and of course the answer was yes, so i now have to visit more. Don't mind at all but its just remembering as i very rarely get a minute........ The thing is when we do visit he makes me look like a super protective Mum he pulls on my trouser legs to be picked up, wont let me pass him to them and always crawls back to me, i don't think I've done anything to make him like that, he just doesn't like strangers!

I've decided its time to start looking for a new job so I've put my CV together today and got my by bro to have a look at it (good start really as he owns his own recruitment agency, not in my area tho), not in any rush as if i leave before July i have to pay back my return to work bonus. But its time to stop moaning and make the change!

Bought a new beaker today, i know what i wanted and like everything when i decide I'm doing it, i have to that day. Had to go to three different shops to get the one i had in my head, might i add it needed to be blue(no wonder i never get a minute). From tomorrow morning he will be drinking his mornings milk for this Tommee Tippee Super sipper free flow and I'll continue to let him have milk at night from a bottle. And the beaker will NOT be sterilised!
The picture at the top is at Nanny P's ( my step Mum's) and his smaller version of his new beaker is behind him - I know i know i could have just used that but i wanted a big one for milk. Call me odd, strange whatever i don't care!
Oh and he weighed 18lb 9oz today!

Thursday, 26 April 2007

The boy who ate and ate and ate untill he burst! Or Mummy took his food off him!

Sure he'll hate me for that photo when he's older!

He's now decided that he no longer wants a afternoon bottle, we are now just on wake up bottle and bedtime one, quite happy to be honest - getting rather fed up with washing and sterilizing bottles, cant wait for that 12months mark when i can stop sterilising.
He's now up to 14 raisins wheat's in the morning(max hes having), a normal lunch of something like a sandwich and pear and then his dinner. Very funny that his first 2 meals of the day are getting close to the amount that i eat! He's never very good with dinner as he's beginning to get tired by then.
He's now walking round with all the furniture and pulling him self up on everything, including my trousers which I'm sure he'll pull down one day and they'll end up round my ankles! He can balance for a few seconds and also can walk the length of the room pushing his walker. Surprising how quick they master new skills.
Since dropping his afternoon bottle, his poop has firmed up, today i had a disastrous nappy change. He is not easy to change at the best of times now and defiantly not on his changing table as he twists and rolls so much. Anyway i put him on the floor to change his nappy not expecting the disgusting nappy he'd done, well foolishly I'd not put the mat on the floor so when i removed the nappy he rolled and he rolled s**t everywhere and it was the type of s**t that sticks so removing via baby wipe wasn't a options, i had to pick it out of the carpet with my nails - i could have been sick. You'd have thought i know by now as he's nearly 10months, how too do a good nappy change!

The Managers Conference

The party night at the conference, the fancy dress theme was Galactic glam! Why galactic glam, I'll never know. Wasn't easy outfit to plan either, i did hire a Abba outfit, that i didn't wear as one of the other managers who i despise had hired the same. Very good job i am so anal in my planning and i had a choice of 3 to wear. For those of you who don't know me, i have to plan everything to the word and in plenty of time, think I'm possibly a bit obsessive compulsive (mild tho)
Very eventful night, was told by Alex my boss, the one that I've been complaining about that he's stepped down (bet he's been demoted more like) anyway my hope and dreams have come true but I'm now back in limbo not knowing who could be my boss....... Do you notice I'm never happy, can never win!

Saturday, 21 April 2007

A whole new adventure!

The stairs.... yes the stairs, didn't think he'd manage them until we caught him on the third one up!

Mummy's been and hired fancy dress for works conference next week, will post you some pictures of me looking a complete idiot! ( i already look a prat, I've had a fake tan disaster - orange palms, hands, ankles......)

Daddy has had two hours to make the gate for the decking today and managed to realise that he cant! So Uncle C has another job I suspect!

Friday, 20 April 2007

The melon, strawberry & blueberry lolly! (wouldnt hold it himself)

A big boyz lunch!

The picture is my friends little boy C and Billy enjoying tomato sausage and veg pancakes. It was like feeding time at the zoo. C had tomato sauce with his, quite amusing he's nearly 2.5yrs old and he kept saying "dip, dip, dip, dipping" and even when he'd still got some left "more dipping Mummy, more dipping Mummy" interpreted that means "more sauce please Mummy". Billy is just mesmerised by other children, he may have been staring but it didn't put him off his food!

Daddy come on, i could help!

Watching Daddy through the window cutting the grass, he stood there for a good 20mins. He thought it was hilarious, wouldn't it be good to have insight in to what goes on in his head???

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Daddy isnt that funny really!

No work for 2 days and i cant wait. Today was meant to be a 8am-1pm shift and i finally arrived home at 6pm! So much for my regional manager, today i bailed him out for some very sticky spots staffing wise and i was so nice to him i made my self feel sick. I've decided I'm gonna rise above it all. I do know he's given bo**ockings out today about gossiping about my boss's job!

Billy has had a mixed few days with both Granny's, hes so busy now i don't think he'd care really who he was with, so longs as he can crawl up to things touch things, then turn and look as though to say "have you seen me??" He's also started to cry when told no, kind of cute but i we have to try not to laugh!

I'm gonna take him to b weighed tomorrow as he seems to have turned into a right little chunk and suddenly very strong too. As i found out earlier when playing with him and he pushed his foot at my neck! Oh and I'm going to join weight watchers in the morning, I've done it before so i can loose weight again. The funny thing is i can actually do the points thing but I'm so greedy i am always gonna start from tomorrow or Monday, i think i need the weekly weigh in motivation!

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Work again!

I'll make it short or at least I'll try!

I am really unhappy at work, my new boss is terrible previous post. I have been hearing rumours about him getting the bullet, so while he's on holidays this week I've asked my regional manager about it. In normal regional manager style he's not giving much away, apart from things will be changing. So i then asked if Cheryl a manager that i know is in the running for his job, he replied no, so i said well she thinks its a done deal and the job is hers. Turns out he's been asking people who he thought would be interested, if they really are?! But before i even got chance to tell him I'm not interested he told me i wouldn't be considered as i am not experienced enough and don't work enough hours.... very nice of him. I do have the experience but its not current as it seems I'm been punished for having a baby and taking 10months maternity leave, the funny thing is i didn't actually want the job until I've been told i cant have it! Back in the real world once home and talking to my husband, i don't really want it but i am rather upset, that my years of hard work don't earn me any respect! And even worse one of the people asked if they are interested in my Boss's job is my previous deputy manager Sarah, who i trained. I am trying to be the bigger person and accepting that my life has changed and that i don't want the job but its hard as its what I've always aspired too! Don't get me wrong i am proud that Sarah is considered capable of doing the job and that i trained her up for it but also at the same time i feel hugely insulted. As my husband says tho better the devil you know.......

I've got to remember my baby wont be little for long and that its my choice to work part time, i know one day I'll have my career back! And I'd rather have my beautiful boy than work!

Monday, 16 April 2007

A busy day in all! And a photo mad Mummy!

Grandma brought him a swing from Uncle M's house. We get lots of off casts from them as Billy's cousin Matthew is 6months older, so when he's out grown stuff we generally get it. The big advantage there is that they have more money than us so their seconds are normally s**t hot!

He's been playing on the decking now Daddy has re-oiled it, i wasn't very impressed with him crawling on it but try stopping him - no chance! The most interesting bit for him was leaning over trying to grab the grass and eat it! I think kids are pre-programmed to eat things like grass, mud, sand .............
Hes mastered pulling him self up and standing, thinks he's clever though now and is trying holding with just one hand!

And finally tea (dinner) alfresco style! Cod loin, gnocchi, warm bean dip and pitta bread, cant believe how much he ate, Daddy took so long cooking on the bbq that i had to make his in the kitchen first or he'd wouldn't have eaten until well past bedtime. I also think men a pre-programmed to faff about with bbq's!

A picture (MMS) message from Daddy!

The actually message said - Its lovely out here Mummy x x

This message i received while working today, i was dealing a stinking, smelly customer who was complaining the is £25 excess in their insurance! Some customers don't live in the real world!

Friday, 13 April 2007

What a crap Mummy today! Feeding him fish & chips!

After a last minute night out, last night I'm feeling rather rough and hungover! We've been to the supermarket for a change this week rather than internet shopping and bought lots of nice healthy food. But at tea time i really couldn't be bothered to cook so we've had good old fish, chips and mushy peas for tea. I know some Mums will be disgusted with me doing that! I added no salt or vinegar to his food and i removed the batter off his fish, it all went down a treat. He's been a bottomless pit all day, had porridge from a spoon YES I SAID SPOON and even eaten all his afternoon bottles!

On Wednesday night he woke up in the middle of the night and when i went in he was sat up as per usual, i tried for 20mins to get him to sleep and even resorted to rocking him, he was nearly asleep and i put him is his cot and he sat up again! By this point my patience had gone, i left him sat in his cot and went and got back in bed, we were listening to him crying and i asked my husband to leave him to cry because i knew he was dying to get up and cuddle him. We listened to him cry for what seemed forever but in reality it was 4mins and he went back to sleep in his own! First time ever, just to add i was only planning to leave him 5mins crying - not into controlled crying but i was knacked and fed up. RESULT!

How things can change over a few days!

Thursday, 12 April 2007

What a little monster he's turning in to.......

Sleep - Now he doesn't want a morning sleep, but i don't want him having a afternoon sleep or he wont go to bed at night. Oh what fun! When he's put in his cot he sticks his bum in the air and rolls over then kicks his legs laughing! He's been up during the night loads, he's generally sat up in his cot waiting for one of us to come in - really pi**ing me off now and then he wont go back to sleep, so after I've been up 2hours he ends up in bed with us, where he sometimes will sleep.

Food - He will eat bread, pasta and generally any carbs but no chance with fruit and veg at the moment. I am getting rather fed up with making a meal and him hardly eating any. He has 3x7oz bottles per day. Breakfast, 2pm and bedtime. The last few days hes been eating less and less, 5oz breakfast, 2oz afternoon and 5oz bedtime, think i might just give in a drop the afternoon one off, think i don't like the change!

Mobility - He's off..... everything is now fair game, he will chase everything crawling. He's pulling him self up on everything and standing very easily but he forgets to hold on! He also now like to walk round with you holding his hands - poor Mummy and Daddy's backs hey. He can now get over the door step so need a gate for our back door! Couldn't find him this morning and his was hiding in the long curtains in our lounge, which he thought was very funny!

And he's also turning into a tele addict, don't want him watching too much. I know they say is not bad for children but i think in small doses is best. I've heard people comment that their child wont eat unless distracted by TV, i really don't want to end up in that situation.

Last night he was giggling like a proper little person, he couldn't stop, the type of giggle that hurts your tummy. Well it hurt Mummy and Daddy's laughing at him which just made the giggling worse - it really was fantastic! I'll post it if i can catch it!

He may be a little monster but he's a lovely monster!

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

The Great Brittish Seaside!

We had decided that we'd go to the seaside, the day after the bank holiday come rain or shine. So off we went with the intentions of going to Scarborough but on our way to Scarborough we realised that Bridlington was closer, so went there. I've not been to the seaside much in this country and i suddenly remembered why! Don't let the pictures deceive you, it looks nice but its chav-tastic The Oxford dictionary explanation for Chav below, - if you cant read it!

Anyway the sun wasn't out and the place was foul, smelt of greasy burgers and chips, all around were amusements arcades and kids running riot, adults who really should know better with their dress sense, men/women with tattoos and sun burn! It always amazes me that some kids survive having the parents they do, running into roads, wearing shorts and t-shirts, when they need jumpers and trousers on! ( i know i sound a snob but if you'd have seen it for your self.......)

After we'd driven for 1.5hours to get there, had a walk round and eaten our pack lunch and i wanted to come home! But Tosh my husband knew of another place, didn't know how to get there but was sure it was near by Called Sewerby. We found it quite quickly and a terrible day turned into a great day. There was a small farm/zoo where we saw the penguins been fed and we saw loads if different animals, was had coffee sat in the bit of sun we had all day, we went on swings, walked round the walled gardens, through the animal paddocks and along the cliff edge.

On the was home we called for dinner in a village pub where they did proper food not like yest!

Sorry guys I've gone photo mad today!


Yum ice cream! Thanks Daddy! (i know i know but a taste isnt bad)

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

The choking episode!

This evening having one of his usual dinners of broccoli, gnocchi, sweet potato and cheese sauce, i was sat with him passing him chunks of food because if i give it him all he starts dropping it over the edge of the high chair looking down and watching it drop, he suddenly threw his arms in the air and his face started to go red, i did at first just think he was trowing a tantrum as he was very tired but as i watched he was silent, his eyes were watering and he was beginning to gasp for breath. It seemed to be about 30seconds but in reality i bet it wasn't 10 seconds before i whipped him out of his high chair placed him over my knee with his face, facing the floor it took about 4 pats and out flew the gnocchi. He did cry for about 30seconds then he was looking for his dinner i put him back in his high chair and he was off eating again! I am so glad that i read about choking before i started BLW.
Generally throughout it been a bad food day, breakfast was fine back on raisin wheat's, then we went out for lunch and a daring Mummy didn't take him any, well we went to a restaurant in Sheffield called Boardwalk i was assuming that I'd be able to order him a plain chicken breast and some veg. No such luck the chicken breast was easy but they DON'T have veg!! So i had to resorted to chicken breast and garlic bread BAD BAD move, the chicken breast was reformed chicken and the garlic bread was salt city - might i add this is not a cheap restaurant it cost us £30 for the two of us just to have main courses! I'm well pi**ed off about it, i ended up having to pop into the local M&S and by a loaf of bread and cheese spread and fruit! Lesson learnt there!
I'm off to eat curry and drink larger after my traumatic day!
Link below is a quiz about what you'd do.

Monday, 9 April 2007

Rude and ungrateful ducks!

After seening on Eva's blog that they'd been feeding ducks, i decided we needed to. Off we went equipped with bread and baby. Well the first place we went to was Ulley the ducks were too far away and weren't interested in our bread when i threw it, the second place we went to was Thrybergh and the ducks were plenty close enough but still didn't want our bread! The bread we had was a French stick I'd chopped up, wished i hadn't and then when it hit the duck I'd have got their attention! (bit like the film About a Boy - LOL) SO ALL IN ALL A RUBBISH DUCK FEEDING EXPERIENCE!

Oh and nearly forgot, Billy now communicates he's hungry or thirsty by smacking his lips together and making clicking noises - Very funny!

Sunday, 8 April 2007

Sorry i've gone blog mad this morning!

BLW - I was amazed we popped in at Grandma H's and had lunch, lunch was nothing exciting just usual sandwiches, yes the white bread i hate so much! I knew Billy had been eating pear round there but I'd not seen it, well i couldn't believe my eyes - Grandma H cuts him up pear into quarters and cores it and passes it him and he eats it like, if he didn't someone would steal it - SKIN AND EVERYTHING!! Think she a little scared of him with the skin but she's backing the BLW all the way. VERY VERY IMPRESSED!

His first easter egg!

Mummy will enjoy it! We all know I'm a pig with my food. On the subject of my food. I dared to get my pre-pregnancy clothes out of the loft. Well needless to say i was very upset, i am by no means huge but bigger than before. I know it comes to us all, i really did think I'd be one of the lucky ones and just stepped back into my clothes. At this rate i don't think I'll ever loose weight! I have now decided that I'm going to starve! Joking! I am now going to get my arse in to gear and diet properly and stop eating so much shit! I hate to say it but i think i might actually join weight watchers!
I am not buying a new set of clothes for the summer!

Sleeping like a baby or not as the case may be!!!!

A very busy few days - i have plenty to tell and catch up on.
What shall i do with his sleep???
He normally gets up 630-7am then goes back to sleep at 930-10am for up to 2 hours and then mid afternoon has a 30-45min sleep but the last week he's not been sleepy at bedtime so wont go to bed, the worst its been was last night he was up until 1030pm!
He always goes to bed in his cot but yesterday i had a major hangover and let him sleep on our bed with me, as i was been a lazy Mummy! (the picture)
I've tried no afternoon sleep and he was a nightmare at bath time, I'm gonna try getting him to go to sleep later in the morning. Any suggestions are welcome!

Summer, Summer, Summertime - SUMMERTIME!

Summer seems to be here early this year - prob rain after I've posted now! He's a very social animal now the sun is out, pub twice in two days! Rubbish Mummy hadn't bought him any Summer clothes, so we've been emergency shopping for shorts and tshirts, with his Easter money.

His hat is too big so its quite funny the fact he quite happily wears it and continues even after its fallen over his eyes and he cant see!
He's had is factor 50 on - that bit is especially posted for my mother when she reads!
Not the best picture of me i know but I'm don't have many of of us, so I'm having to tolerate it!

Friday, 6 April 2007

Happy Birthday Aunite S - Wanted to send her a lovely picture but i had NO chance!

It just quite tickled me that selection of pictures i got and how interesting a piece of paper can be!

Bumps & bruises is this the sign of things to come??

The Picture - he'll not get very far upside down. He's mastered drinking from it on his own now!
He has a slight black eye! He's now crawling everywhere and we have pretty much child proofed the house but how does he manage to get a black eye from the door mat? It is rubber edged suppose that could be what did it. I just turned round and he'd crawled in to the hall way and then i heard a scream and he was laid crying with he head on the door mat!

Thursday, 5 April 2007

What Billy has been up to...........

Sat and sun was with Daddy, they went visiting on sat. Think Daddy just likes showing everyone his boy he's so proud of and Sunday i was home early so we went out for dinner, Billy showed off his eating skill to the waitress, don't think she needed a demo of how much yorkshire pudding one boy could fit in his mouth!

He's been with Grandma H for 3 days, which he loves. In fact sometimes a think he loves her more than anything else in this world! He is funny, when i drop him off he suddenly turns in to a hyperactive, hyperventilating baby who's so excited! She does devote every minute to playing, cuddling and generally entertaining him. He's been for walks in his pushchair and had visitors come and see him, with eater eggs. I do wonder why people have bought him Easter eggs though. He's only 9months, so cant raaly eat them so poor old Mummy will HAVE to ruin her diet again! Not been ungrateful its nice people think to buy for him.

He's been a good eater for last few days, but a very poor sleeper. He wont go to bed at his normal bed time, what a pain that is! He's taken to rolling all round his cot to avoid going to sleep and he's started waking loads during the night, he does go straight back to sleep but only after his woke us up - so I'm knacked after 5 day stretch at work and not a full nights sleep (i know some people have it worse but it's when your not used it)

But a week off - YAY!!!!!!

Oh and i can tell people now i'm going to be a Auntie again!!

Work is S**t!

My new boss is a complete tosser! He's the type that's done everything, knows everything and tells lies! He's either the most unlucky guy in the world or he cant help lying! He's only been with the company since December!

A few examples for you, he's always late. 1, the police stopped him and breathalysed him - they were doing random spot checks. 2, his gate blew off during night had to fix it before work. 3, his Mum locked her keys out of car , so he had to take the spares 20miles to her. 4, his garage was burgled so had to wait for police. 4, his car had a flat. 5, there was fight on his street and the cordoned it off and questioned everyone before they could leave.

A few examples of his sickness/time off excuses. 1, fell down stairs and hurt ankle (broke on the first call in) limped for few days and had x-ray. 2, Grandma ill. 3, girlfriend dog hurt his arm jumping on him. 4, food poisoning - that old chestnut. 5, Chest infection and cough, apparently coughing up blood ended up with chest x-ray.

If you give him a suggestion, he nods agrees and then sells it off as his idea! Hes a wanker in fact! I've said it before when i left for maternity we were 2nd in the company for sales now we are 26th - yes 26th!!!!!!! I've run the place before i got pregnant when my previous boss was on secondment and maintained 2nd!! Tosser!

The only thing that keeps me going is that the job would have been mine if i hadn't have been on maternity when the vacancy came up, i did get a call asking me to apply but as i didn't want to return to a full time job and i didn't want to return early, i bite the bullet and said i wasn't interested!

Its tough at mo as i feel I'm training him to do a job that hes seeming incapable of and doesn't have the knowledge to do and his people management skill are non existent! I could honestly do that job even on my 30hours per week but the company would never accept that or they'd have then set a standard and other people would want shorter hours!

Yesterday i ended up doing his dirty work and sacking a temp, luck she was a temp or we'd have been stuck with her, but he seems incapable of sorting anything. He plans plenty but never does anything, that poor diary of his with all the lists!

On the plus side tho, I've just worked a 5day run and I'm now off for a week, been part time has it good points!

Sorry i needed a rant - think my husband is fed up of hearing all about it, although he now asks things like whats he done to day then, think he finds it funny!