Sunday, 1 July 2007

All set up for his holidays! (Be warned Mummy is whining too)

Some of his birthday presents, sun suits (factor 40 protection)

Look at the scowl, its a new face and unfortunately he has inherited that expression from his Mummy!

To him the most interesting part was the hanger! Pictures are crap not sure whats going on with camera.


It been one of those days, the ones where everyone and everything annoys you! Think I've had too much time at home this week and not been able to do much, due to the weather. Today I've been in such a mood that when i was doing the ironing i lost my temper with it, yes i lost my temper with the ironing, you know because that's completely normal to loose your temper with the ironing! Anyway i decided that some of the clothes that were too difficult to iron, either didn't fit or i didn't like, so i binned them! Tosh actually stopped me half way through the ironing and arranged for it to go around to his Mum tomorrow to be done, before i threw away our entire wardrobe! I know where the mood came from, it was all because the house was untidy, i can be such a freak sometimes! Our new bedroom is been fitted a week on Monday and that is also winding me up, i need to clear out our bedroom and make space for us to sleep in the spare room. The new bed we have ordered wont be here for 4-6weeks so that's gonna be fun too....... I know i whine a lot! I am actually looking forward to going back to work tomorrow, that of course if we are able to open, the shop has been cleaned and sanitised but some of the fittings need replacing and Meadowhall's health and safety officers will decide in the morning if we have done enough for now!

On a happy note we've been to see baby Josh today, one of my friends new baby and he is beautiful! Makes me very brewdy, i want my holiday soon, then we can try and counger up a new addition to our house hold!


Emery Jo said...

ahhh, I know those days well... When my house is messy it puts me in THE WORST MOOD!!

And I love the scowl... hehe he's sooooo cute!!!!

Eva said...

Those sun suits are so cute! We may need some of those for our beach holiday.

Hope your day improved.

Christy said...

I whine a lot too. I am very annoying. I used to iron everything (seriously - everything), but since Porgie was born I haven't ironed one damn thing.

I hope your holiday is wonderful!

Misguided Mommy said...

WAIT! YOU GUY IRON? Huh, what its not fashionable to sport wrinkles in your clothes...hmmmmm you are all much better women then I am!

Lainey-Paney said...

It's okay to be whiney. I get all wound up when our house is a super mess & my to-do is a mile lost.
It's like---even if I had the time to take a break, I couldn't relax in the mess.

So,I get it.

And, things that I think are too difficult to iron---those things go to the Cleaners for pressing only. It's worth it to me. I pay $0.99 for each of hubby's shirts. me, I *HATE* ironing his shirts.

Lainey-Paney said...

Edit: okay...that should read,
" do LIST is a mile LONG."

clearly I'm trying to multi-task...