Thursday, 31 May 2007

A Couple Dilemmas???

What do you think??

Potty training?? I've been and bought a potty yesterday after reading a book my MIL gave me, the book says to introduce the potty at about 9-12months. The reason i am thinking about this, I've seen recently a few of my friend really struggle as they have left it late, my friends little girl wont poo in her potty and is 2.5yrs old. When is best to start?? Should i buy another book? After asking my Mum turns out i was toilet trained by 18months and only had a nappy for bedtime. I am having to bigger expectations?? Is 18months plus more realistic?

Christy has made me think about this when looking at her blog. In 4weeks time it will be Billy's 1st Birthday, well i have a cake dilemma! Just looked up on the Internet first birthday cake ideas, the choices are Carrot Cake, Apple Swirl Cake or just my old time fav Nigella's Choco Fudge Cake (the one I've made loads of times and for everyones birthday) or a plain sponge? The point am getting to is that should it be healthy or sod it, feed him sugary junk food that one day??

The Weight Watchers news!

I am only posting because i am so incredibly happy! God know how but i have actually lost 3.5lb in last 2weeks! Didn't go last week, could be bothered and nearly didn't go today as i thought I'd have gained weight! WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Monday, 28 May 2007

Sunday, 27 May 2007

A number 4 all over please Mummy!

Well my Mum (Grandma Susie) normally cuts his hair but it's been getting desperate and she's in Switzerland at the mo, so i decided to get the clippers out. He didn't let out a squeal, although Daddy's mobile phone was so interesting nothing would have bothered him.
This photo is on the 25th May (too much hair and its curly)
After! I know it seems cruel but he looks a proper little boy now and the fluff has gone!
I cant believe i nearly forgot this HE'S WALKED TODAY! Well i say walked he's taken 5 steps!

Friday, 25 May 2007

The toilet! Its not good, your gonna think we are scruffs!

Billy has a obsession with the toilet. We have 3 in our house, downstairs, on suite and a family bathroom. I have to shut the doors to every one of these rooms or you find him stood up looking in the toilet, that if the the lid isn't down and knowing my husband the lid wont be down. Well earlier the week, in true bloke style Tosh went for a wee with the door open, sure he wasn't thinking about what he was doing, suddenly two little hands popped up at the side of him then a little head peered over, I said didn't you stop and move him??? He said I could stop weeing! So what happened today?? The same but could have been worse, he popped up at the side while he was weeing but with the remote in his hand for our TV from our bedroom and was dangling it in the toilet but not in the water! (DON'T WORRY HE'S HAD HIS HANDS WASHED EACH TIME HE TOUCHED THE TOILET AND I TURNED IN TO MORE OF CLEAN FREAK THAN USUAL)

Thursday, 24 May 2007

How much can one boy get in his mouth???

He has pizza, cheese sandwich and potato wedges in there, i think he's gonna turn in to a hamster! Very strange combo!

Well his party is now booked, the ball pit/bouncy castle is booked. Roll on the 30th June!

He's been playing on the decking today and his knees, feet and hands were so dirty, his baby wash didn't get him clean, ended up using Mummy's shower gel! Good job he'd not been on the grass too - LOL. Oh forgetting we aren't allowed on the grass as Daddy has had the lawn doctor come and treat it! SADOOOOOO!


Wednesday, 23 May 2007

In nearly a month, YES a month and Billy will be ONE whole year old!

Planning his birthday party is turning into a nightmare!

To start we were just going to have small BBQ, well that idea doesn't seem possible.

Few reasons, if you invite one of our friends, you have to invite them all and they all have been breeding! Breeding?? Well yes, nearly all of your friends have gone from a couple to a family and if not, they are ready to pop a family. We have 2 couples due to have a baby soon and have over 7couples who have babies that go up to the age of 3yrs! COMPLETE NIGHTMARE, this doesn't include, his Grand Parents, Aunties, Uncles and 4 cousins!

Problem is that we've been invited to all party's for the babies that have had them, i don't want my baby's birthday to go unnoticed so i think I am going to invite everyone. This may seem excessive but I'm thinking of hiring a ball pit, i know Billy wont really use it but if i keeps the the 11+kids quiet and from wrecking my garden/house it'd be worth every penny. My house is a quiet big detached and the garden is all usable space and fenced in all the way around, so i think it will be OK! Can you tell from my post that i am really panicking? who'd have thought a 1yr old party could be such a nightmare?? And its gonna cost a fortune!

I think I've lined my self up for this in the past, as when we bought our house we were about the only couple to have bought a house, so we used to have BBQ's and invite everyone and now its just expected!

Only bonus will be that later when kids have gone and we are pi**ed the adults can use the ball pit!

Am i mad?? I know i know i do think about things too hard but i like to plan every last detail!

What i've noticed

Before i start I'm not saying he's hyperactive.....

We regularly visit Luke his little friend who is 6 weeks younger and we see Kian who is 6weeks older and i have friends with children so i have seen quite a few kids grow up.

I have noticed that Billy is like he'd been wound up and let go, he never stops, he's into everything, he shouts when he wants something and will start to jump in frustration, he pants when he gets that excited about stuff, he wants everything that other children have got and will push them out of the way to get it, he takes no notice even when shouted at and moved away. And even shakes his head at you when you say NO, quite funny but the word NO now means nothing. From the kids party he went to at the weekend i saw a definite difference between him and the kids of a similar age to him, he was no timid little angel.

I think I'm gonna have my work cut out with him, I don't give him any sweets/biscuits or processed stuff and from the looks of his behaviour i don't want to either, thankfully he doesn't seem to like them. I think i need new tactics so i don't end up with a unruly little boy.

I was quite offended when one of the Mums commented about him, saying 'God does he ever stop, thank goodness my boy's not like that!' I had to stop my self from been a complete bitch and saying something nasty back.

I'd not noticed how active he was until recent, at least he's a happy boy and loves everyone who talks to him, i just thought all babies were always on the go, all the time like him!

Sleeping like a baby!

We've cracked it! YAY last two mornings he's still be in bed asleep at 730am! I sneaked this picture of him just as i was going to bed last night - dont they just melt your heart when they are laid so comfy and calm.

Monday, 21 May 2007

This week....

Been a busy one!

Work is terrible as per usual, but off now for 10days and I cant wait!

Billy has a new word, goes something like nanananing and points to everything but mainly his dummy which at the moment seems the most important thing in the world

He has learnt how to open the bin in the kitchen (see video) and he opens it go to collect something and then drops it in, he's not picky anything will do shoes, tea towels, pegs, toys.....

He's mastered picking his beaker up on his own and can actually drink from it

Our apartment we have booked for our holiday was cancelled! Luck they've put us in another but imagine my upset upon opening the email! Apartment

He is also obsessed with trying to get up stairs and if turn my back he can be at the top in seconds

His bad Mummy let him burn his hand, I have our spare room as my dressing room where i do my hair, make up and get dressed, he loves the room and at any opportunity he will go in there, he even checks to see if door is shut properly, turns out it wasn't and the next thing i heard him scream and he was holding my hair dryer. I really didn't think anything about it until we found blisters on his hand in the grill shape of my hairdryer! Feeling very very guilty about it!

Not lost any weight this week at WW, really i should have gained with crap I've eaten so not upset

He attended his first kids party

This picture is of Luke, the little boy over the road. Just made me chuckle that they'd cleared the tables and he was still sat eating on his own. But it was a iced party ring, so i suppose that was more important!

Mind your fingers!

Out twice in 2 days to eat and to the farm

Lucky i borrowed a bib yesterday or we'd have been going home! He had home made burgers and chunky chips, and pretty much ate none!

So many piglets... soooooooooooooo cute!

Wow Mummy i love the swing push me harder!!

Saturday, 19 May 2007

I have time to take pictures but not blog properly. Off work from sat lunch time for 10days!

A new toy but the box is far more interesting! I think i spoil him, this is apparently for his birthday in June! I only went to buy his little friend Kian a present for his birthday. Its Kian's first birthday party on Saturday and the first birthday party of one of his little friend. Soon Billy will be a year old..... SCARY!!!!

Do you remember my post about too many toys???? LOL!!!

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Mummy is such a plank!

No Billy this morning, he's with Grandma H for the day. I'd got planned a hair cut this morning and work 1-930pm.

Off i went for my hair cut in Sheffield City Centre, parked in the NCP, possibly the most expensive car park in the world. Got my ticket on the way in and went for hair cut, came back with my mop cut, validated my ticket and off i went to the barrier. Upon arriving at the barrier to leave i realised i didn't have my ticket, turned my car up side down and went through pockets. Then decided i must have dropped it as i got in car, so made 2cars behind me reverse up so i could turn round and got back to my space. NO TICKET! So i had to go back down to the barrier and tell the man at customer services what a prat i was loosing my ticket! The BA**ARD charged me again!!!! F*** get! So i am nearly fifty quid lighter for one hair cut!!
My day can only get better, off to work now!

Monday, 14 May 2007

Missing Madeleine - click to read

It's been over a week since youngster Madeleine McCann went missing from an Algarve holiday resort. The four-year-old, from Rothley, Leicestershire, Uk, disappeared from an apartment in Praia da Luz on May 3. Madeleine had been left sleeping with her brother and sister, two-year-old twins Sean and Amelie, while her parents, Gerry and Kate, dined at a nearby restaurant. In the UK at the moment this is the biggest news, as so it should be.

Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann missing in Portugal. Have you seen her?
Please contact: +351 289 884 500, + 351 282 405 400, +351 218 641 000

Madeleine McCann desapareceu em Portugal. Tem informações sobre o seu paradeiro?
Por favor contacte: 289 884 500, 282 405 400, 218 641 000, 112

Watch More Bebo Tv Uploaded by

I'm even fed up with bread!

But i am happy with the mess i've made!

Our art work and this is as artistic as i get! (our kitchen wall)

Saw a picture like this on another blog. Just to show how little he actually is! I do think we forget he's so tiny.

This week....

Not much happened really in fact very dull

  • Daddy's football Sheffield United have been religated today and he'd not yet home suspect it will be like the world had ended today when he finally arrives home!
  • Billy has been incredibly grumpy all week, with no let up. His cold is still here and showing no signs of going, so snotty noses it is!
  • The doc did naff all about his ingrowing toe nails, given me antibiotic cream and said when they get inflamed again to bring he straight back. Apparently they still haven't formed properly and no doctor will touch them at the mo, one reason is they still could correct them self's and the second is that he'd have to have general anesthetic.
  • Lost 2lb's at WW this week

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Doctors tomorrow, what we pay out taxes for!!!

Since he was born Billy has had ingrowing toe nails, I asked when he was born about them and by both the hospital and our health visitor i was told they would get better and they never have. About 2weeks ago i notice a crack the whole way down one of his nails and that there we signs of blood, so tomorrow we are off to the doctors and i will move hell and high water to make them do something about this now because i don't want him to have this problem all his life, failing that we WILL (Tosh you reading) go private and see a specialist.

I have been reading Hannah's Blog about BB's skin and i know they are two different things but it really annoys me the British National Health Services attitudes to illness the fact they always give you a appointment and it takes weeks/months to see anyone! Reading the blog made me remember when Billy was tiny and how bad his skin was when we first bought him home, it was so bad that i went to the doctors in the morning and by the afternoon he'd been referred and was seeing a paed at the hospital, who look couldn't find any reason for it so referred him to a skin specialist and the appointment took nearly 6weeks to arrive but thankfully he was better by then, but the lack of concern is amazing! The picture was taken on the 5Th August and he was born the 28Th June so he was just over 5weeks old and he had the rash from coming home from hospital at 5days old and what you can see on his face was everywhere.

Anyone who can give Hannah some suggestions/advice please go over to her page and post a comment.

This is strange looking at this photo, as it really doesnt look like my little boy!

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Possibly the messiest dinner ever!

Dinner today was fish pie, he managed to get
the mashed potato's everywhere, including up his nose. Not really mentioned his eating habits for a while, quite strange considering i set off calling the blog eatingbigfood!
His eating habits are pretty good at the moment although veg and fruit are still the enemy and only eaten if hidden or if hes feeling like it.
We are now down to milk in the morning from a beaker(sippy cup) and bed time one a bottle only managing 10oz pr day but he eats plenty so not worried.
He is possibly the mardiest baby around at the mo, I'm gonna say it but it'll not be true HE MIGHT BE TEETHING??? He just sits and cry's for no reason and crawls around crying again for apparent reason, he'll chomp on anything and randomly try's to chomp things that are the strangest things possible, like the window or TV stand.
Another hair cut today, thank goodness my mother is a hairdresser! Such a fluffy curly head he's got.

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Into everything!

Sorry POOP again!

Forgot to post about the recent POOP incident! Sorry guys you must know by now that poo amuses me! Anyways..... after the BBQ we came home and Billy went straight to bed without a bath, so the following morning Daddy passed him to me in the shower for a quick rinse and always after he's been washed hes allowed to jump on our bed and look at him self in mirror but naked! I heard Daddy shout OH GOD so when i went in the bedroom there was a perfectly formed poo sat on our nice clean bed looking up at me, Billy was still jumping and looking very proud of him self!

Too many toys!

I remember it well, about a month after Billy was born i bought him a toy box and vowed that once it was full he had enough toys downstairs! What went wrong??? He's taken over my house! I'd not really have it any other way but it turning in to constant battle to keep tidy! The toy box is actually under all that! The toy box.

Monday, 7 May 2007

Some catching up to do.....

Don't feel like I've had a minute all week.

What been happening some important some not so....
  • Tosh's boss's funeral on Thursday (died at age 60 of cancer, very quickly only found out in January he was ill)
  • My new boss has been announced and as i was slightly worried i had good reason to be as its Sarah!
  • We've had ants in our house - i was very upset! I hope no one thinks this is because my house is filthy because its far from that. Turns out when mentioned lots of people have them at the mo, even been on the news. Apparently its because we've had a mild winter??!! But i have gutted the house from top to bottom and now have traps everywhere! (no sign of them anymore)
  • I've joined weight watchers finally

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Aunty Claire's BBQ

He had a dirty burger (dirty means processed) and typically he thoroughly enjoyed it! Ash, Claire's little girl is 8yrs old and was desperate to hold Billy, initially it scared me but after a few beers she was welcome to, she spent ages walking him around the garden. Quite funny that one of Ash's friends came over and asked if she could pick Billy up, so i confidently said of course, she then returned and said Ash says I cant and its her house! Kids hey! Made me giggle to my self, because one day i have all that to come! He loved the attention.
In my drunken thoughts i was looking around and there wasn't one of us who hadn't got a child or who was expecting. How life changes, 2years ago i was just about to get married and i was the first too and at that point only two of my friends had children now look, its babies and bumps galore. Its good though that we all are going have children of similar ages.

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

New things.................

We have had a busy day, walking from one end of the garden to the other and back and forth....... He has a new garden toy, which can be used as a walker and a ride one. Don't think its designed for biting!

After watching him walking today and seeing that his pram trainers don't offer much support i've been and bought his first proper pair of shoes from Clarks, he was a size 3G gets his fat feet from his Daddy!

Back & Forward, back & forward......

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Its time to get up at 5am Mummy & Daddy!

I haven't mentioned it for a while as thing aren't bad, we have been using controlled crying and with persistence its worked a treat. He's pretty much always gone to sleep at bedtime no prob, he still screams during the night if he looses his dummy but once the plug is in he's gone again. I've had to use it for his day time naps, as shush patting doesn't now work since he can move so quick and then be stood up in a millisecond. Never really agreed with CC but since he's no longer a little baby i thought it was worth a try and persistence has paid off he now goes in his cot for naps screams for about 30seconds, moans for another 2mins and he's gone. BIG BIG ISSUE now is that he gets up at 5am most mornings, which really is not good! Tried making the upstairs darker and his bedroom darker which did work the first day, he stayed in bed until 715am the first morning but since then he's been up anything between 5am-630am. Any suggestions welcome! I know I've had it pretty good and some people never get a nights sleep but when its not what your used to its a pain!