Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Time to throw away Mummy's homemade purees from the freezer.

I have finally decided hes never gonna eat them so they are off in the bin - BYE BYE Anabella Kermell book or what ever your name is!! Anyway after tea which was roaring success i decided to try him with one of the last melon puree, we'll the little sod couldn't get enough! Tea was Mummy's home made rosti's which I think Daddy was hoping you'd not eat as he was disappointed he'd only got one!! Oh and decided after you eat next nothing of your bottles that from tomorrow I'm dropping one of them!

Monday, 29 January 2007

Jacket Spud Disaster

A very successful eating day for once, eggy bread for breakfast, Sitwell Carvery for Lunch (roast potatoes, carrots and Mummy's york pud) and dinner was biggest mess I've ever seen jacket potatoes spread with Houmous and Dairylea! Was nice eating at Sitwell with a 7month old who doesn't need to be fed, he was sat feeding him self and people just kept looking over and smiling/laughing at him- he was on good form tho showing off to his audience.

Saturday, 27 January 2007

The Game of Sprout Football - Played in the Highchair Stadium!!!

What a exciting tea he had yesterday - why eat them when you can practice your flicking skills!!

Friday, 26 January 2007

Pizza Hut with Auntie Lindsay and Mummy

Can you tell I enjoyed it?? All you can eat buffet in Sheffield out shopping, first off they made me go round shops with them (Little boutique as Auntie Lindsay calls it but Mummy calls it primark) and then off we went to Pizza hut where they gave me rubbish things off the salad bar but i kept staring at their pizza until they gave me some and when it had gone i cried for more. I did eventually end up with my own piece and a ate most of it and what i didn't i threw on the floor (felt sorry for the staff who had to clear up after me but they said they didn't mind) Oh and one of the staff looked like my Daddy so i watched him walking around (well he had brown hair and glasses anyway) I think i freaked him out staring at him though! Mummy shouldn't give me things like that but i like them so she does every now and again, i shouldn't have them mainly because of the salt in them.

Sleep Why do Mummy and Daddy need that??

Thursday, 25 January 2007

Hair cut yest - was in desperate need

Little Mr Fluffy Hair had it cut yesterday. Was seated in his high chair watching Grandma Susie wandering round him, the comb was that interesting that he tried to grab it at every opportunity - good job Grandma is a hairdresser or i think with the fidgeting he'd have lost his ears!! I remember coming round from my general anesthetic after emergency c-section and asking Mum what colour his hair was and her reply S**T coloured (passed micomium) still not sure what colour - what do you think my panic is that its going ginger, there is some aubun on my husbands side his brother! What do you think?? I know i know it the whole scheme of things who cares!!!!!

The story so far - baby Billy's version of events!!

My Mummy started to give me pureed food at about 18weeks and i did like it a ate everything i was offered, then one day in November i was very ill and had to go a visit the hospital i had been sick everywhere even in my play and groove activity centre. Mummy was panicking as i keep shutting my eyes but i just felt so ill, so she rushed me to hospital and good job she did i had horrible needle put into me and i big bag of water pumped into me - wasn't nice but did start to feel better! but once home and feeling better i decided that it might have been eating the slop mummy was giving me that made me ill so i went on hunger strike and only would be Breast feed. Mummy was panicking and started reading on the Internet about feeding babies and came across baby led weaning and started giving me veg sticks and proper food that i could hold myself and chew. I wasnt really that interested in eating at first but i liked tasting and sucking but on occasions just couldn't be bothered. But now i cant wait for food i will try anything but not really fussed on green food YUCK! Oh and i don't like spoons they've made me sick lots of times. Mummy and the doctor don't know why i've been so sick but I'm sure its spoons that do it, so shut my mouth and turn my head when they approach with a spoon. I've been trying food that have handles so i can hold since December and i quite like it and I'd say I'm even quite good at eating now. My Mummy is going to tell you all about what i eat on most days and what i've been upto, when i'm big i think she hope i'll find this interesting but i doubt it, i think i'll like football more like Daddy - I'm sorry if she bores you she does me sometimes!!! The picture above are me eating pizza which i love but i dont get very often, green veg which i find better to destroy and pasta which is ok but i'd rather have pasta parcels.