Saturday, 31 March 2007

It will fit in my mouth!

This morning was a fruit cake for breakfast, lunch time was veg with cheese sauce, he even ate broccoli and his Daddy pleasant as he is said Billy would eat dog s**t if it had cheese sauce on! Dinner time was chili con carne, rice and tortilla. (wasn't very spicy - gonna build him up to that)

Its been cold today and raining, so we've played on the house all day, bricks everywhere and if i turn your back for a few minutes and he's in another room. Daddy bought home from work a safety gate - well needed now!

Look one hand!

The first time he has pulled him self up on something and stayed up


Friday, 30 March 2007

Oh i forgot how smug i was with HV!

I was very smug with HV yesterday (never met her before as mines off ill) she asked if he ate textures and lumps? I replied OH yes he doesn't eat purees, he only eats what we have mainly finger foods, so she followed it with like what?? Everything i said and gave her the run down of his days food. She was amazed, don't think she was impressed i gave him raisins though! But he loves them now! HV what do they know - sometimes. Got to say shes the nicest I've met so far!

His 7-9month assessment.

Final on his 9th month the health visitor finds time to see him!

He's still small for his age but neither of us are big, so wouldn't really expect him to be although born weighing 8lb 8oz so maybe you'd expect him to be?!

Today he weighs 18lb's and on the second row up on his weight chart, his head is little apparently, i always thought it was big! LOL He has 2 cherries(testicles), all joints and hips are OK! So all in all a healthy boy! YAY!


Not sure about her advice about his poo though, i asked if its normal for him to always do runny poos, she said it was fine! I have cut all brown bread from his diet and even cut his beloved raisins wheat's to see if we could firm it up, so far nope! The only result is that we now only have one poo per day and that he still trumps as much, his poo still stinks as much and its equally as runny! He currently drinks 21oz of milk per day. What do you think?? Should i book to see doc??

Finally I've found it right it the bottom! Sorry about the mess Mummy!

Thursday, 29 March 2007

The sun is out & first time he's played in garden

Our decking needs a good clean but Billy didnt care, he was so excited. I kept having to chase him so he didnt go off then ends, COME ON DADDY YOU PROMISED YOU'D MAKE A GATE!

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Big boy spoon & fork - give me FOOD!

I gave him them to play with after his meal, don't think he actually ate anything from them. Grandma H has made us quiche for dinner, well his portion was about the size of a small adult and it went down a treat. Needed a little help as it was so crumbly, i wouldn't normally but he was getting very frustrated!

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

My Octopus Baby

Since learning to roll over and crawl, he had become a little octopus! He wont lay still when been dressed, having nappy changed, put to sleep in his cot, sat on the floor, burped, bathed....... his arms are everywhere, thing you thought he couldn't reach manage to make their way to him and its always my things he grabs not his own. He dangles his arms between to bars of his cot in hope to reach anything! Do babies have radar on stuff that they aren't meant to touch???

He's suddenly no longer a little baby who needs help with everything, turning into little Mr Independent! He wont even let me put his dummy in sometimes, he wants to hold it himself then put it in - very cute tho!

Monday, 26 March 2007

Gnocchi for Dinner

Full English breakfast, don't actually think he was impressed! Hot cross bun for lunch with butter (on offer at supermarket - can tell Easters on it way) We went up Sheffield city centre today had a look around the farmer market. We had a roast pork and stuffing sandwich, didn't get Billy one as i didn't think he'd eat it - how wrong you can be! He was sat on my knee while i was eating so my sandwich was in front of him, he kept leaning forward and taking a bite, quite comical really and very cheeky!

For tea Gnocchi (Italian potato dumplings) & Cheese sauce, he ate a stupid amount, oh and spread it in his hair and anywhere else his little paw landed (cheese sauce not fun to remove especially as i put half a block of cheese in!) Need to get more veg in his diet again - i do let it slip!

Clocks went forward last night by a hour so it'll be lighter at nights now, had about 4text messages reminding me this morning! Its not like last time they went back and i forgot! I got up early to go to the gym for 8am turns out i was actually there at 7am and it was a Sunday morning The Marriott Hotel wasn't even alive at that time never mind the gym!

Been that nice out today, in fact very sunny. Our lawns have been cut today, the lawn mower made Billy cry. He was very happy to stand on the window ledge and watch from inside though, oh and blow his cheeks up on my window and squash his nose on it! Lets hope he doesn't do that at Grandma H's she'd be gutted, her house is spotless!

Sunday, 25 March 2007

What a difference a week makes!

Last week where we've put him down he pretty much stayed, last week when we've put him in his cot to sleep he was it the same place there abouts the following morning, last week he ate 4x8oz bottles per day, last week he'd stir 2-3per night (not waked), last week he'd wake us in the morning by crying.

This week he's off commando style he's chase us between rooms, this week we've found him during the night in his cot the complete opposite direction to where we put him to sleep and laid against the bottom of the cot, this week he's decided he no longer needs a 11am bottle so its now 7x8-7oz bottles per day, this week he's stirred once per night most nights, this week we've found him sat up in his cot and standing and just playing when he wakes!

I'm in on own tonight gonna ruin diet having dirty takeaway and a few glasses, then gonna firmly root my bum to the sette to watch the back log on sky plus of ER and Desperate house wives! Had a shit day at work, think one of the boys has it in for me, he's deliberately defying me. Think he's the kind to be making complaints and raising grievances, so i''m having to do stuff by the book which isn't my style and it tiring!

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Spaghetti Lasso! Sorry i know i go on video over kill!

Have you ever seen such a mess? Little orange boy - enjoying his spag bol!

He's had busy day. Off to play world today, where he showed off his commando crawl, in fact he's very quick now - gonna have to watch him! We have solid wood floors through our house so its very easy for him to slide along. His Daddy wants to attach a duster to him!

12 Raisin wheat's again - greedy! Well we'd not planned lunch out but my friend ordered her little boy a toasted tea cake which he flatly refused, so Billy ate that, then her little boy asked for cheese and ham sandwich, which when it arrived he also refused so Billy ate most of that too and you've seen tea! Big advantage this BLW lark when your out, plus very proud that Mum's were saying WOW he's only 9months old and hes eating like that - If only they knew how long its take to get him eating!

Friday, 23 March 2007

Single minded, ignorant, rude and inconsiderate!

My choice was to breast feed and up to 6months.

At work yesterday, we were just chatting as it was very quite. Some how we came to the subject of BFing. One of the girls from work same age as me, married, thinking of starting a family asked me about been a Mum. So during the chat we were having i mentioned i had bf and that I'd given up as i was due to return to work. Her face! She looked disgusted, so i asked what the face was for? she said she thought bfing was disgusting, but then she said well done to me as she could never do it! I know, i know its her choice but i had to stop my self going on a huge rant! Its not even i think everyone should BF! Got to remember she works for me. Kind of upset me not sure why??

I can remember at 4months people saying god are you still bfing?? Is it that strange? ITS WHAT NATURE INTENDED! Don't get me wrong, I am not criticising Mums who choose to FF - you do whats best for you.

Just a little irritated, i've had to tone this post down or it'd have seemed like i was shouting!

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Weaning early and links with Crohn disease.

Take a look at Hannah's Page - feel quite strongly about this issue.

She's just started it up again. The first blog i ever came across and its Hannah's fault we now have the Diary Of Baby Billy! LOL

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Could you call it a crawl??

Yes Mummy I want the jelly BUT NO you are not going to feed it me!

He ate about 3 mouthfuls of the omellet i made him for breakfast, so i gave him some raisin wheat's and he ate 13 of them- must be going for a baby world record soon!

We went to the Company shop today (M&S outlet for food - Mum got me a card for it) I could have gone food mad but i tried to be
sensible, although he's gonna be one of the best fed babies around for the next week! His first time sitting in a big trolley! Such a show off too, full of oldies doing there shopping and he was grinning at everyone and if they ignored him he just stared until they spoke to him, what should have been a 20min shop took nearly a hour!
Lunch was a disaster, i burnt his sausages that i was cooking him. I ended up halving them to ensure cooked. He ate some but pretty much turned his nose up at them so then offered him his old faithful - bread! Nope didn't want that either. Pudding i had bought him a little pot of jelly, which i thought if i could maybe get one spoonful in he'd love, but i had no chance. I cant believe how much he hates spoons and been fed, he wont even have custard or rice pudding since his last bout of sickness during February. So i gave him the jelly pot, what a mess he made but he loved it. Don't think he really ate any but he enjoyed himself.
This evening tea was veg and fillet steak, he had his well done, not really impressed but he never is at dinner time, think he'd go to bed at 530pm if we let him!

I commented on post entitled - It's the end of the world as we know it, a few days ago, saying we'd had no real bad weather in UK. Well since then we'd had every form of weather going, Snow, rain, sleet, sun.... a very strange year!
Oh and he moved across the floor today, i couldn't call it a crawl more of a shuffle/drag/pull, all because he wanted his Thomas tank! Hopefully it will develop into more.

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

I've been awarded! WOOHOO! Thanks Eva!!

Blogs I've Tagged - I know some have been tagged before but i dont read many! In fact i've run out at 3 sorry guys not following the rules! - Thanks to Antropologa for the award!

The rules

Sunday, 18 March 2007


Well i saw my card yesterday as i escaped work a hour early and it was sat waiting to be written. I got nice big card, a leather filofax (as requested, need it for work as i have so much to plan i.e child care etc - yes thought about a blackberry or some form of mobile organiser device but i want to write it down and yes i know I'm a bad example as i sell them!) and some flake moments. The flakes i have already eaten the top layer of, doubt they'll last the day to be honest, I don't buy chocolate as i know I'm greedy!

Breakfast was omelette and toast, we are now on best of both type breads. The bread doesnt seem to be making a difference but may have not given them long enough!
He may not have chicken pox but he's got a cough now - why does he catch everything? I always thought breastfed babies had a higher immunity?? I fed him until he was 6months. But hey what would he have been like if not BF could have been far worse!

Doesnt matter where you put me, Mummy i can escape!!!

No Chicken pox thank god! So who knows what the spots were? Still there!

Loads of saliva today though - teeth?? I know i know i say that often! One day i will be right.

A day with his Daddy, whilst Mummy was working. Off they went visiting ( Mothers Day tomorrow) and then to the pub to watch the football, when i say pub they were in the family room where its no smoking and most of his friend children were there. Daddy was very proud as our boy was the only one who didn't cry and was happy! I was asked if all babies are as happy like ours and i replied with i don't know but I'd like to think hes the happiest around! Daddy's team lost 3-0! (Looking forward to later this year when every pub becomes No Smoking)

Need to sort this work thing out - I'm meant to be doing 24hours to settle back in then go to
30hours per week and this week i have done 36hours. My boss doesn't listen, think I've been too honest. I can work any time as i do have child care (Mum in law) but its my choice to work part time as i want to see my baby grow up! He's not got children so don't think he understands, plus he'd struggle with out me at the mo as he's useless!

Nope not going to crawl! Can get the position but go no where!

Thursday, 15 March 2007

Dont like the plant! He was very proud of him self!

A very busy day so far!

After waking us up at ridiculas o'clock (4am) and not going back to sleep we got up! I was up dressed and downstairs cooking by 730am. Doing my domestic goddess bit, i cooked Bolognese from Tana Ramseys Family Kitchen book (very full of veg and its made loads) and Billy walked around the dining room and kitchen opening cupboards and stealing tea towels. OH and not forgetting tipping the plant over (come on Daddy shall we throw it away??) Defiantly need to get cupboard locks!

He had raisin wheat's for breakfast and ate 10 of them, i decided that he couldn't have anymore - very greedy!

I decided to go get him weighed this morning as we were ready to go out so early and I'd found 6 little flat spots on his legs and back so also wanted them checking out. Off we went to see health visitor, he weighs 17lb 9oz today so putting weight back on. Not enough for that forward facing car seat i am so eagerly awaiting! Any the spots, the HV thinks chicken pox! YUCK YUCK YUCK! They are flat at mo and she says if they start to rise and fill up they CP and the reason he was up last night may have been he had a temp?! (Know it all - OH sorry i mean my Mother is on her way round for a look, to give her diagnosis!) I don't think its cp or should i say i hope not!

One final thing - poo been my favourite subject at the moment - OK most of the time! He filled his nappy at 7am this morning and it leaked on our bed!! Wasnt happy! Gonna cut out brown bread as it could be the cause of all the runny poo, goes against the grain but its gonna be white from now on - reading post on Baby Centre and apparently babies bodies cant cope with the dense amount of fibre and it fills them for longer so they don't eat as much!

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Another hair cut for Mr Fluffy Hair.

His hair is going to be rubbish like his Daddy's i suspect, he's had to have it cut again today its so fluffy and curly. The curls flick out next to his ears like little horns - you'd think quite cute but NO its not! ( AND YES DADDY KNOWS I THINK HIS HAIR IS TERRIBLE - THINK ITS JUST SOMETHING ELSE HE IGNORES THAT I SAY!)

He's not eaten much today and not had a decent sleep either, not sure he's feeling great today. Could it be teeth?? Doubt it how many times have a posted he might be teething??!!

Work again tomorrow by the end of the week I'll have done 4 full days - not happy!

Tuesday, 13 March 2007


I know i know 2 posts about poo in one day is BAD!
He was laid in his baby bath relaxing as normal before bed time and we heard a massive trump, then another, then the next trump was like if you were watching a nature programme and a squid was in water squirting ink! Yes he's sprayed S**T in his bath! Not the type you could scoop out either! I've given such reference to this so i always remember so i torment him when he's older!

A day out with Grandma Susie!

Written by Billy (such a clver boy!) I was taken to see Auntie Be and Uncle G while Mummy was working. I went out for walk in my pushchair and they put my coat and hat on but why didn't they notice my mittens were in my hat that i was wearing?? Not like i can tell them I'm only 8.5months! Anyway i got to sleep in my pushchair and got to eat out, i was given scrambled eggs and toast - Yummy! I thanked them for my lovely scrambled eggs, that i ate every stitch of and showed off how well i eat on my own, Auntie Be was very impressed! Oh the thank you was a poo that big that it took two people to change me and a whole outfit change including my socks!

This is not unusual to have to change his full outfit due to him covering it in S**T - just later in the day than normal. NEED different nappies i think or a big cork!

Sunday, 11 March 2007

Baby Blade! (Sheffield Utd Football team)

Not only has his Daddy bought him membership to the Junior Blades and a Brick in the wall a Bramhall lane where they play but one of his friends has bought him this! If i have my way he will only wear this once and the picture is evidence enough!

Green Sandwiches today!

Avocado wasn't such a success today had to resort to putting it in sandwiches to get him to eat it! Daddy made him cheesy pasta for dinner, think Daddy was feeding a grown man not a baby, so it'll be cheesy mushroom pasta for lunch tomorrow! Very good tho Daddy you can make more meal, I think!

Saturday, 10 March 2007

The Incredible Hulk

Spinach and Mushroom omelette followed by avocado, tomato and melon. The avocado was actually eaten although by the looks of his face and the state of his tray you'd have not thought so! (bit like picking up soap the avocado)

Yesterday we went to see his cousins, out we went to the park and he slept the whole time in his pushchair, its like been pushed around in a big sleeping bag his pushchair so not surprised he slept so much. He's started to not like been left in a room on his own or with people he's not familiar with, like for example i went to put his pushchair in boot of car and he started to cry and his so sympathetic 3year old cousin Lucia shouted at his to shut up! (oh sorry i mean Violet not Lucia as she likes to be know - you know the incredibles??)
OH OH OH nearly forgot!! HE NOW WAVES BYE BYE! Small things are big in my world, very proud moment, don't think hes ever going to crawl though!

Thursday, 8 March 2007

Fully Rehydrated Raisins YUCK!!!

After been so good yesterday at eating his fruit pancake his nappy was a joy to change (NOT) he obviously doesn't chew everything that goes in his mouth, the reason i know this is that his nappy contained some fully rehydrated raisins!

Today we've been to toddler group with his little mates. He's kinda in between, baby group is now too little for him and toddler too big, he showed off his skills in his baby walker and it gave me great pride that he was the only one that can go forwards (Baby Olympics starting)

I go from one extreme to the other about his eating, I'm now worried he is eating too much. He eats most meals offered and between 28-32oz of milk per day, i thought once that they started eating properly that they dropped their bottles off??

Oh and hes eaten melon today!

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Everything is a Adventure!

Who have thought that walking your walker under the dinning room table would have been so funny?? Isn't amazing what entertains them? Also he's found that the plant in the corner need pruning! Oh and that cupboards open and shut, i do worry about his fingers!

Spag bol for tea with Daddy as Mummy was at work until 930pm, he looks like the enjoyed it! Think spag bol gives him wind, you could hear him trumping down stairs on his monitor! Such a polite boy! Of course Daddy thought it was hilarious, don't think he found it funny when he woke up at 1030pm to fill his nappy! Been trying to get him eating fruit and not had much luck, offered him all sorts - pears, kiwi, grapes, prunes, apples, raisins and asda exsp nectarines that cast a fortune! Only thing he ate was pear and raisins. Made a pancake and hid some fruit in it seem to be a hit, i think persistence is the key and making sure they are very ripe!

Finally i can go back to monthly contact lenses now i have stopped breast feeding, bf made my eyes dry so was unable to wear them, I got new ones one order THANK GOD!

Sunday, 4 March 2007



Work for 2 days in a row hence no posts - sorry! (Friday & Saturday)

Well he's gone from been ill to been on a Marathon eaterthon. He's eaten everything offered and drinking milk like hes never really before. I've listed this mainly for my reference.

7am 6oz milk
830am breakfast
1230pm Lunch
3pm 6oz bottle
530pm dinner
7pm 6oz milk
11pm 5oz milk
Approx 23oz milk per day

7am 8oz milk
830am breakfast
11am 6-8oz milk
1pm lunch
3pm 8oz bottle
530pm dinner
7pm 6-8oz milk
Approx 28oz-32oz milk per day

From the new routine that i wished i'd have changed him to months ago he sleeps though and no dream feed - so there was a good thing come out of the horrible bug he had!

Friday was a day with Grandma H and Saturday mostly with Daddy, when Daddy went to watch his beloved Sheffield Utd football team he went to Grandma H's. Daddy foolishly let him sleep for 2h30m in the morning so bottles we a little out of sink, suppose I'm gonna have to get used to people not sticking to my strict routine (I know i know I'm very anal and only like things doing as i say - i always write a list and this time i didn't!) Until toady I've not really missed him but after 2 days away from him and a quieter day at work, I'm glad I'm home tomorrow!

I know i go on over kill sometimes with the photos but i can help myself!

Thursday, 1 March 2007

Weigh in!

16lb 9oz

He's lost some weight but no real surprise there with how ill he was. Gonna have to bulk him back up, he's eating better but not a he used to. (that forward facing car seat seems so far away 20lb's min)

Last night he had big selection of veg and some salmon for tea, i did make a fatal mistake of giving him corn on the cob early in his meal which meant he wasn't interested in any thing other than that. He at loads of it and his nappy this morning proved it. (very funny watching at 8month old tucking in to corn tho)

I feel like i give him the same meals over and over again, but i do think that I've become reliant on what you know he likes.