Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Very comfortable with his sexuality in the pink car!

Photos taken with my phone hence them been crap!
I was in the shower this morning when i heard Tosh shouting me to get out, not like him so i got out. Billy had s**t and it was everywhere, it had escaped his nappy, on the floor in four different place, on his feet, down his legs, on a psp box and on Daddy! Never have we had s**t in that many place before!
We'd worked like idiots last night to clear the bedroom for the fitters today, at 930am i got a call to say they'd damaged the wardrobes putting them on the lorry to bring and that they'd be here at 1pm, I'd planned a afternoon out with Billy's buddies, so told them in no uncertain terms to be here by 1pm, at 1130am i got to call to say it'd be tomorrow when they got here and started! Poor poor poor! We are sleeping in out spare room on our guest beds that i thought were of reasonable quality but after a night on them, nope they aren't!
New dishwasher arrived today so that softens the annoyance of the bedroom!
We've been to Big Tops today and Billy loved it, i know its something I'm gonna have to get used to and one day it might be Billy but why are children so horrid sometimes??!! This is now the third time we've been to a soft play zone and some child has hit him, nipped him, pulled him or just shouted in his face! I am getting quite skilled at please be careful he's only a baby! What i have noticed more than anything is its the children who's Mum's sit drinking coffee gossiping, that are the one that are normally been horrid! I actually told the little boy who wouldn't leave him alone and kept nipping him and taking toys off him, to go away today and he went back to his Mum crying and she had no idea why, if she'd have been looking at her child rather than a magazine she'd have known! I know i sound really nasty, the child had been winding me up for about half a hour.

Finally you remember that post Mummy is such a plank! well I've found the parking ticket today, under the passenger seat of my car! Funny thing is I've cleaned it two weeks ago, does that not tell you something about my cleaning skills??!!


S said...

Even w/the camera phone pics, they turned out good.

As for the parents, go figure. I wish I had some advice for you, but it looks like you handled it well! I probably wouldn't have made it half an hour before sending the kid packing!

Christy said...

I don't blame you for telling that little boy to go away. You're there to have funny with Billy, not babysit other people's kids.

Eva said...

I don't understand why people bring kids to places like that and don't watch them. It makes me crazy. I don't want to have to discipline other people's kids, but I will if they won't do it themselves! Good for you for speaking up for Billy.

Jeasmin said...

i know how you feel. my hannah just wants to play with other kids and all they want to do is hit my baby. I get soo mad.